Welcome to the Kerrisdale Community Garden (KCG).

The Kerrisdale Community Garden (KCG) is a collaborative association of 22 plot holders who work together to:

  • grow vegetables and flowers in an organic and pesticide-free manner
  • collaborate on community based projects
  • enjoy the harmony and good feeling that comes from honest satisfying work in a beautiful setting
  • offer a  welcoming place in which a community of gardeners can flourish along with their crops


Our community services include:

  • providing some edible production on a non-profit basis to the seniors’s centre kitchen at the Kerrisdale Community Centre
  • providing herbs to members of the local community, for example through a “Cut and Come Again Herb Garden”.
  • enhancing the beauty and species diversity of our neighborhood, for example by planting a sunflower garden in the area between our garden and the railway tracks

Kerrisdale Community Garden (KCG) is located at the junction of 60th Avenue and West Boulevard in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The garden is on land owned by the City of Vancouver. Therefore the garden is required to follow bylaws and guidelines issued by the City.

If you are interested in joining us please continue reading here.